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Spay or Neuter Surgery

At Sitara Animal Hospital we believe that spaying and neutering your pets is the best thing to do, not only for population control but for the health of your pet too. Spaying decreases the risk of your pet developing estrogen responsive tumors such as mammary tumors as well as avoids any uterine infections (Pyometra.) Neutering your pet decreases his risk of developing prostatic cancer and prostatitis. We recommend spaying and neutering at the age of 6 months. We believe that every patient should have blood work preformed before surgery to ensure that their organs are functioning well. We also place all patients on intravenous fluids while anesthetized to better control their blood pressure, temperature and to allow direct IV access for any needed medication. These steps ensure that your pet has the smoothest anesthetic and recovery possible. All pets in for surgery receive pain medication before and after surgery.

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